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This group is for news, articles, videos, and photos of our oceans and marine life. It can be anything from the evolution of life in the sea to collecting seashells. It would also include conservation efforts to protect the ocean and marine life.

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This group is for people who love our oceans, shores and marine life. News articles, personal stories, videos, photos, music, literature, and art are all welcome. We can study everything from evolution of life in the seas to collecting seashells. Natural disasters like tsunamis and hurricanes, man-amde disasters like oil spills, illegal whale and dolphin hunts, over fishing, polluting, conservation efforts in saving our oceans and marine life, and even the romance of the sea would be great topics. Feel like seeding or writing about your ultimate vacation in the Fla. Keys or tropical island? Feel like seeding ocean themed or beach music? Feel free to do that as well. Even stories about cruise ships, water sports, and our military defenses such as the Navy Seals. Cargo ships that export. History such as Christopher Columbus and ship wrecks, sciences and technology of the oceans. The list is endless as long as it's about the ocean, shores, and marine life. And these are only a few suggestions out of many. If an article isn't relative, I'll have to delete it and send you an e-mail as to why.

Always remember the code of honor. Let's not turn this group into a place for always discussing the political aspects of these topics. It can't be avoided at times, so I'm not saying never. I hope it will be a great blend of fun and serious matters.

So I hope you'll join and put us on your watchlist.


Darrah (administrator--group created on 4 / 1 / 11 )